Wear Tight Pants Reduce Male Fertility

If you are a man who is in the program to have a baby, you should avoid using the pants are too tight. In order for sperm production was inhibited more advisable to use such a loose underwear boxer type.

Sperm are produced in the testes which require a slightly lower temperature than other parts of the body. Approximately sperm production requires a temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, about two or three degrees lower than body temperature. Because of the nature makes the testicles are hanging outside the body so as not to overheat.

"Wearing tight underwear can make the testicles closer to the body, but on the other side of this destructive habit natural mechanism temperature setting," said Zaki Almallah, consultant urologist from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK.

Research in 2012 said that the man who often wears tight pants had sperm concentrations that could swim lower. In fact, to be able to fertilize the egg takes sperm cells that move swiftly.

"Changing the tight pants with loose pants can be an inexpensive way to increase fertility," said Allan Pacey, senior lecturer in andrology expert who worked on the study.

Wear Tight Pants Reduce Male Fertility

Also avoid wearing underwear made from polyester because it has the effect of lowering sperm count and sperm are able to swim. Polyester material makes the testicles warmer considered.

Men who suffer from varicocele, the appearance of varicose veins in the scrotum, also have to be more careful choosing underwear. Varicocele experienced by 15 percent of men and it appears without preceded by a symptoms but can cause pain.

A varicocele is usually caused by a failure of the valves in the veins, which causes the blood pooled, pull the vein wall and make it bigger. This disorder will also reduce male fertility.

"There is a theory which states verikokel will cause more blood collected in the area of the testicles so that the temperature is warmer. It affects sperm production and fertility," said Almallah.

Verikokel will also lower testosterone levels in the body. This is because higher temperatures will damage the cells that produce testosterone. The decline of these hormones can cause erection problems and also lower libido.

For the men who suffer from this disorder should avoid tight pants.

In general, men are also required to maintain personal hygiene. Change your underwear every day to prevent fungal growth.
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